Fetish Phone Sex


I just love a man who has a sissy phone sex fetish but I also enjoy  many other types of fetish and fantasy play.

For instance, I have a caller who loves it when I dress up as a nurse and give him a complete medical examination.  I am talking about external and internal using my fingers and/or any type of stainless steel instruments that I see fit in order to perform the exam in the most invasive and extreme ways imaginable.

Another caller enjoys it when I light up my cigarette and blow circles of smoke into his face, up his ass and around his cock.  He loves watching those smoke rings slip from my lipstick covered lips and then drift in and around his body.  He gets really worked up when I rub the tip of my cigarette against my clit and then hold it up in front of him so that he can take a drag and taste me on that filter.  Talk about a SMOKING hot phone sex fetish call!

So while I specialize in sissy phone sex fetish calls, I always welcome any kind of fetish that you might want to explore.  Anything goes here so pick up the phone and call me to play today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Cross Dressing Phone Sex



I just love a man who gets into cross dressing phone sex fantasy play.  I have to admit that when I first began taking calls as a phone sex playmate, I was kind of surprised by the number of cross dressing phone sex fantasy requests that I had.  I guess I always just thought that it was a fetish that was kind of limited to sissy lovers or guys who wanted to engage in feminization roleplay.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Through the years I have come to learn that there are a lot more crossdressing activists than I ever imagined.  Once my eyes were opened through the fantasy phone sex line, I began noticing men…. LOTS of men…. while I was out shopping, in restaurants, etc., who were cross dressers.  I found it to be truly exciting and quite honestly, mesmerizing.

One man in particular caught my attention while I was shopping at a local Trader Joe’s.  He was wearing a floral dress with high heels and stockings and he had this really pretty pink cardigan draped over his shoulder.  He was carrying the most beautiful designer handbag and he had a silk scarf draped around his neck.  I am assuming that it was to help hid his Adam’s Apple.

In any case, I found him to be very attractive and I was intrigued by his confidence as he casually walked through the store, wheeling his cart and shopping with total abandon.

If you are a cross dressing phone sex fan and want to share some of your experiences with me or if you are looking for a discreet way to indulge your fetish, then give me a call.  I would love to play with you.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Sissification Phone Sex


How do you define sissification phone sex?  For me, there is no “cookie cutter” definition.  Sissification phone sex is a topic that can be explored in many different ways and on many different levels.

It can be as simple as having a panty fetish or it can be as extreme as having a passion for cock sucking, cum eating or a full on feminization transformation.

I have enjoyed sissification phone sex scenarios with husbands who want to be in a cuckold relationship with their wives and I have talked with men who want to experience life as a woman, with a male lover to climb into bed with every night.

How do you want to indulge your sissification fantasies?  Call me for some guilty pleasure fun tonight!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Feminization Phone Sex

Sometimes there are thoughts running through our minds that provoke a sensual feeling within us.  During my time as a telephone playmate I have shared a feminization phone sex experience with many men who have been curious about living life as a woman but don’t necessarily want to experience it in real time.

Feminization phone sex roleplay is a great way to “live it” without actually having to go through any kind of permanent transformation.  Whether it’s cross dressing that you fantasize about or being a sissy or panty boy, a feminization phone sex encounter will feed your desire and let you experience the lifestyle without any repercussions.

Explore cock sucking, strap on training, cum eating, etc., there are no limits!

Enjoy a feminization encounter from the comfort of your own home knowing that your call is completely discreet and you will always be treated with the utmost respect and dignity as we explore your truly taboo fetish together.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Sissy Phone Sex


Don’t get me wrong… I love a good sissy phone sex fantasy call but last night I spoke with a guy who was totally NOT a sissy boy and the call was really freaking hot!

This particular guy wanted to get me pregnant but there was a catch.  He wanted me to tease him for a long time before I would finally let him put his cock inside my pussy and THEN he was going to have to pay for each stroke that he pumped into me.  Talk about smoking hot!

I have done lots of cock tease and orgasm control with phone sex sissy boys in the past but feminization calls generally don’t include a pregnancy fetish unless the caller wants me to have him impregnated by a big black cock, which is something that I have role played before.

In any case, this caller made my pussy so wet that I actually had quivers running throughout my body as I held his cock inside of me and laughed at how much money it was going to cost him in order to pump that cock even the slightest little bit.  Cock control can be very extreme and intense and I loved taking him over the edge making him shoot a huge load for me – filling my pussy with lots of hot sticky baby cream.  What a sexy call it was.

Even though I specialize in sissy phone sex play, I am an open minded, anything goes, no limits playmate who will bring any and all of your fantasies to life.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631