Feminization Phone Sex

By , April 7, 2014


If you’re a fan of feminization phone sex roleplay, then I have the perfect fantasy scenario in mind.  How would you like to go out shopping with me so we can pick out an outfit that will make you feel just as good as you will look, once I’ve finished getting you ready for a night out.

We can have our hair and makeup done, get matching mani’s and pedi’s and pick out a pair of high heels that show off our sexy nylon covered legs.  We’ll spray on some perfume, fix our lipstick and head downtown where we’ll meet up with a group of my girlfriends.  You’ll fit right in!

We’ll dance and have a few drinks and maybe even get flirty with some hot studs that may, or may not, get luck enough to be invited back to our place for some extreme feminization phone sex fun.

We can enjoy some girl-on-girl play or some guy-on-girl play, either way is fine with me.  Do you have strap on fantasies?  Or have you ever wanted to make love to a real cock?  There are no limits when you enter my feminization phone sex world.  Anything goes here!

I specialize in feminization, sissy and cross dressing fantasy play and all of the different variations that they might include.  Tell me about your favorite fantasy and give me a call so we can share it together.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Sissy Phone Sex

By , March 27, 2014


There is something about a sissy phone sex cock sucker that I find really hot.  Yesterday I had a panty boy call me and tell me how horny he was.  He’d slipped into a pair of his wife’s panties and he was jerking his cock off while he fantasized about sucking on a big black dick.

I told him that I’d love to fill his mouth with my big fat strap on dildo, gagging him as I thrust it in really deep.  That made the little sissy phone sex faggot moan with excitement.

He started stroking his clitty stick through his panties while I described what I was going to do to his man-pussy and before I knew it, he was squirting, filling those pretty little panties up with his hot, creamy jizz.

I’d love to share a sissy phone sex story with you… are you ready for something daring and extreme today?

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Fetish Phone Sex

By , March 14, 2014


I just love doing fetish phone sex calls with men who enjoy wearing women’s panties and lingerie.

There is something very erotic about crossdressing, feminization and sissy callers.  I think it’s because of the taboo nature of their phone sex fetish or maybe because they can’t really share their secret addiction with their real life partners.  Whatever it is, I find these types of calls to be exceptionally intimate.

One particular caller that I talk with enjoys sharing make-up tips, hair style ideas and fashion talk with me.  We have more of a GFE (girlfriend experience) when we talk, than anything sexual.  He just loves being able to share his lifestyle with me and I enjoy being his friend.  I like knowing that I can provide an ear to listen and a shoulder to carry a load whenever somebody needs it.

What kind of phone sex fetish interests you?  Is it a smoking fetish?  Medical?  Stockings or high heels?  Ageplay?  Adult Baby?  Anything goes when you call me to play!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Cross Dressing Phone Sex

By , February 23, 2014


A caller that I’ve spoken with many times recently shared a cross dressing phone sex experience with me and he wanted me to talk about it here, on my blog, for other’s to see.  He thought that maybe it would inspire other closet cross dresser’s to push their limits a bit.

He began his cross dressing phone sex confession by telling me about a grocery store that he went to while he was fully dressed as a woman.  This was his very first “outing” and he took lots of time preparing so that he could be totally passable.  He went to a town that was about an hour from his home, just to be sure that he wouldn’t be noticed.

He took a shower, shaved his legs and underarms, his face, etc.  He slipped into a pair of white satin panties with a matching white bra which he stuffed with breast forms.  He put on a pair of nude colored stockings which were self supporting so he didn’t need a garter.  He said he likes the feel of the elastic band hugging his thighs.  He put on a light pink dress with a tiny floral print which buttoned up the front.  He said it was chilly outside so he wore a solid pink cardigan sweater draped over his shoulders.  He carried a light pink, over the shoulder, purse and he slipped into a pair of black sling backs with a 3-inch heel as he walked out the door.

The store he chose to shop in was a Trader Joe’s.  He said he felt that customers there would be more open minded and accepting of his fetish, if they were to suspect that he was a cross dresser.  I had to agree.  He told me how exhilarating it was to walk through the door and shop as if he were a woman.  He put his purse into the front of the cart and made his way through the store, feeling like just another one of the ladies.  He said it gave him a feeling of extreme freedom like he’d never experienced before and he intends to do it again.

If you’re a feminization, sissification or cross dressing phone sex enthusiast and you’d like to hear more about this adventure, call me.  I’d love to share it with you.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Sissification Phone Sex

By , February 15, 2014


I really get off on sissification phone sex when I have a real-life sissy boy to play with.  Put on your favorite big-girl panties and maybe a sexy little bra with a too-short skirt that shows off your tight ass and we’ll get down to business.

I have a nice big strap on dildo that I want to see you wrap your lips around.  Get it nice and wet so I can bend you over and introduce it to your sissy fag ass.

Extreme sissification phone sex training might be just what you need when you’re looking for an outlet for your favorite fetish.  Are you a cock sucking or cum eating faggot?  Do you want to try some forced feminization playtime?  Anything goes when you call my sissification phone sex line.  What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and get off with me today.

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