Sissification Phone Sex

By , November 12, 2014


If it is feminization, cross dressing or sissification phone sex that you are looking for today then I am revved up and ready to transform you from head to toe during one of the most intimate, erotic and incredible girly chats that you have ever had.

During our sissification phone sex roleplay you can get all dressed up in your favorite frilly clothes.  Put on some sexy lingerie for me or experiment with some makeup.   You will love the way you look with glossy red lipstick covering your lips.   I know you have been dying to try some on, haven’t you?  Do you want to slip into a pair of stiletto high heels and thigh high stockings and parade around the house like a sexy girl? Sometimes I like to watch sissy and panty boys showing off for me on their web cams.  It is so hot seeing their pretty selves all dolled up and ready to play.

For an anything goes sissy experience, call my sissification phone sex line and lets make your “clitty” cum tonight.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3531

Feminization Phone Sex

By , October 8, 2014


If you’ve ever been curious about feminization phone sex now is a great time to try a call with me!

I love talking about dressing up in sexy clothes with cute little panties and bras underneath.  Stockings and high heels are a great subject too – especially when you can share girly high heel secrets with each other.

Want to sit down at my dressing table and let me help you with your make-up?  I’ll make you look so pretty!

Feminization phone sex fantasies can include everything from cross dressing up to talking about how it feels to be a woman. I’d love to hear about how hot you get when you think about doing girly things. Call my feminization phone sex line and let’s share all of our erotic and sensual sissy secrets!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Sissy Phone Sex

By , September 24, 2014


When you’re looking for a sissy phone sex playmate, you’ll want to find an experienced woman who has no limits or boundaries… somebody who can dig deep down into her creative imagination and indulge you in your favorite passion or pleasure with no inhibitions.  Connecting with a woman like that, you can bet that your fantasy call will be satisfying in every way imaginable and you can continue to build on your fantasy with every call becoming more intense and pleasurable as your comfort level rises and you are able to explore, more deeply, your sissy phone sex fetish.

I like to get really down and dirty when it comes to taboo or forbidden fantasies and I want to learn about the kinky things that make your cock hard and get you totally turned on.  Wouldn’t it be fun to experience your favorite sissy phone sex fantasy as it is brought to life over the phone, with a woman who is genuinely open minded and gets just as turned on as you do when exploring your perverted or twisted thoughts?

You can tell me that you have a “thing” for cross dressing or cum eating or that you find yourself totally enamored by a woman with a strap on who will force you suck it deeply.  If you love that type of control then I’ll be happy to give you what you need.

There is something about being forced to perform a kinky act that turns a lot of men on too.  For instance, I get a lot of cuckold calls where a husband gets turned on when seeing his wife with another man.  Those types of fantasies are fairly common but what makes them turn into something more extreme is when the husband wants to become his wife’s lover’s fluffer or when the husband wants to be turned into a submissive faggot for her lover.  Sometimes those types of calls get really involved and I love hearing a married man confess that he would do anything for his wife’s happiness, up to and including being pantied and becoming a cock sucking slut if that is what she wants.

Anything goes when you call my sissification line!  If you feel like mixing it up and trying something totally new, then give me a call.  I’d love to play with you today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Fetish Phone Sex

By , July 10, 2014


Let’s talk about my cute little pedicured piggy toes, how they smell, how they wiggle and how great they look slipping into a pair of strappy high heels while we engage in a powerfully intense foot fetish phone sex call.

My feet will own you, control you and make you do things you never dreamed possible as I seduce you with my sensual voice and erotic mind.

We will delve deep into the midst of your phone sex fetish with vigor and wreckless abandon, leaving no detail out, exploring your deepest fantasies together without judgment.

Do you have a different type of phone sex fetish?  Something more extreme perhaps?  Don’t worry, I’m a no limits, anything goes fetish playmate so no matter what your personal trigger is we can talk about it, role play it or share experiences either past, present or something that we hope to enjoy in our near future.

I’m a no taboo girl with a wild and vivid imagination and I’d love nothing more than to share your secrets with you!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Crossdressing Phone Sex

By , June 28, 2014


I’ll wear yours and you can wear mine!  What is it about crossdressing phone sex that turns you on so much?  Is it the feel of thin sexy fabrics like satin, silk and lace pressed against your body that drives you wild or is your fantasy more extreme, like being forced into becoming a cross dressing phone sex sissy faggot for your wife as she turns you into her black cock loving cuckold hubby?

There are lots of different scenarios that come to mind when I have a crossdressing phone sex lover on the line.  I have a very creative and open mind and I love getting into a caller’s head to find his trigger so that I can reach him on a truly personal level.

Some callers want to share true life experiences and others just want to create the perfect roleplay where they can talk about their fetish with a woman who understands them and doesn’t judge.

Tell me, how do you like to play?

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631