Feminization Phone Sex

By , September 25, 2015

Sometimes there are thoughts running through our minds that provoke a sensual feeling within us.  During my time as a telephone playmate I have shared a feminization phone sex experience with many men who have been curious about living life as a woman but don’t necessarily want to experience it in real time.

Feminization phone sex roleplay is a great way to “live it” without actually having to go through any kind of permanent transformation.  Whether it’s cross dressing that you fantasize about or being a sissy or panty boy, a feminization phone sex encounter will feed your desire and let you experience the lifestyle without any repercussions.

Explore cock sucking, strap on training, cum eating, etc., there are no limits!

Enjoy a feminization encounter from the comfort of your own home knowing that your call is completely discreet and you will always be treated with the utmost respect and dignity as we explore your truly taboo fetish together.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

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