Fetish Phone Sex

By , May 27, 2016


I just love a man who has a sissy phone sex fetish but I also enjoy  many other types of fetish and fantasy play.

For instance, I have a caller who loves it when I dress up as a nurse and give him a complete medical examination.  I am talking about external and internal using my fingers and/or any type of stainless steel instruments that I see fit in order to perform the exam in the most invasive and extreme ways imaginable.

Another caller enjoys it when I light up my cigarette and blow circles of smoke into his face, up his ass and around his cock.  He loves watching those smoke rings slip from my lipstick covered lips and then drift in and around his body.  He gets really worked up when I rub the tip of my cigarette against my clit and then hold it up in front of him so that he can take a drag and taste me on that filter.  Talk about a SMOKING hot phone sex fetish call!

So while I specialize in sissy phone sex fetish calls, I always welcome any kind of fetish that you might want to explore.  Anything goes here so pick up the phone and call me to play today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

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